Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it is me!

Assalamualaikum friends and readers :

Hey, it is natural to “not like” a person rite?
Not like is not the same as hate I think. In my opinion when I hate a person I tend to do forget everything about that person. But when I don’t like a person, I think it is still ok as long it’s okay.
Hahahaha, I guess it is. I have persons that I don’t like too. I think everyone does. I always wondering what sort of thing or poison that we have that make us to not like a person. What is the thing that makes me hate a person so much? 

For me, I believe that there is something in me that react to person that I don’t like or hate. Do you want to know? Hmmm, there are a lot of things that I will do when I hate a person which are :

1. I don’t talk much good about that person.
2. I will avoid that person because I don’t want to create a sin by cursing T.P.
3. I don’t reply messages and tend to avoid calling or make a call.
4. Basically I hate everything that involve T.P :D

I also believe that all my close friends know how I act toward the person that I hate. As 21 years I live I rarely hate a person without reasons. We never hate person without valid reason don’t we?
Unfortunately, during this few years I met a lot of people and of course there are a few person that I don’t like and hate. Since I have met a lot of peoples with many attitudes and of course there must be persons that are soooooo annoying. It is an avoidable to hate though. Even though, I never take it as serious. Each person has their own characteristics and it is up to them to walk themselves to the path they choose. I will try be positive as is will make me happy. Be Positive all !!!!

Thank you :p